Man on cell: So, my boss texted me and wanted to know about fleshlights… –B train Loud lady on cell: So you’re the one who sent me a text message saying, ‘A penis is the best breakfast because it has two eggs, a sausage, and milk’! –Q25 bus Chick on cell: You may have texted me about him, but because it was Halloween, I was too busy flogging dogs. –Columbia University Overheard by: McF. Plagiarist: … And he sent me a text message saying, ‘I guess I have to do your homework now, L-O-L,’ and I’m like, ‘What’s the L-O-L for? You think this is a joke?!’ –Baruch Collge, Newman Vertical Campus Overheard by: I Am McLovey Girl on cell: They were texting you from downstairs? Oooh, that’s gay. –Starbucks, Columbus Circle Overheard by: Jenya