Woman, to friend: he was so excited, I thought his butt plug was going to shoot out of his ass. –Spring Street and 6th St Overheard by: Sarah O. Dude in fur coat and construction boots: My mom asked me if I had a razor in my butt… –Downtown ‘1’ Train Husband to wife:
I can’t believe you just put your finger up my butt hole! –Grand Central Terminal Overheard by: bonifacia Transvestite prostitute: I just got off my second and last date tonight… Man paid me 4 bills to stick my fingers in his booty. –Meat-packing District Overheard by: Erin Guy on cell: you have to get drunk enough not to puke, but enough to take the piece of glass into your ass! –Bleeker & Barrow Overheard by: ivy270 Guy on cell phone passing by: normally when you say that, my asshole starts puckering! –Union Square