English teacher: Class, I’d like you to remember where the line is. It is always moving, and it is determined by me. –Bronx Science Overheard by: HJWC English teacher: I rose up into the air and flew out the window… You didn’t notice this? –Hunter College High Overheard by: stupid english student Old teacher: Okay, there are three rules in this classroom, and I am completely serious. Number one, no swearing. Number two, no scuffles. Number three, no sex until 3:20 when you can do what you want. –Grace Church School Teacher: I’m a huge fan of bathroom stall graffiti! My favorite from this school is in the third floor bathroom: ‘If you can read this, you are pooping.’ –Bard High School Early College Teacher to another: You are a hemorrhoid in my ass. –Brooklyn Tech Overheard by: Julie Health teacher: Drug abuse is a symptom of suicide. –Hunter College High English teacher: The next scene is about sex, so pay attention. You might learn something. –Brooklyn Tech Overheard by: Julie