Girl to friend: That’s the difference between you and me: I have camp and you have sex. –Bard High School Early College Female commuter to male commuter after he accused her of pushing onto train: Just be grateful you had someone to rub against on a Friday night. –6 train Overheard by: Carol Bearded dude: If you can’t tell me within five seconds the most number of fingers you’ve ever had in a woman at one time, I don’t want to talk to you about sex. –Whiskey Park, Central Park South Overheard by: Argopelter Guy on cell, talking to someone’s voicemail: Hi, it’s Reacharound. I’m on my way to the library, but let me know if you want to get dinner later. –Houston & Sullivan Overheard by: lish Chick: Actually, I can’t think of anything that’s not a metaphor for sexual awakening. –Starbucks, 44th & 9th Overheard by: Rose Fox