Drunk girl: I don’t like god, he always tries to put it in my butt. –D train 20-something man to friend: P.S. It was in the ass that I fucked her. –3rd Ave Overheard by: AdHoculi Girl on cell: I mean, I don’t know if it’s because I like never do this or if it’s because it’s sooo big… But my ass is like really sore now! I mean, I can’t even sit down. –UWS Teenage girl on cell: You sound surprisingly perky for someone who just got butt raped. –Grand Central Overheard by: westchester girl Young lady:… And then he jammed it in my shitbox. –Livingston and Boerum, Brooklyn Heights B&T suit on cell: You just have to level with her, dude. Just tell her that if she wants to land a husband in this day and age, she has to learn to like it in the butt. –Madison Square Garden Overheard by: David