Loud, shit-faced Asian girl to strangers: You want some of this? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love sex. [falls forward, taps stranger on forehead.] herro! Anybody home?! [laughs hysterically]. –Metro North Drunk chick: Fuck technology, first it kills the bees, now it’s killing my ovaries! –A Train Drunk guy: Last night I shit on my balls! –Williamsburg Overheard by: Confabulation Nation Drunk girl to drunk boyfriend: Well, you fingered me in the cab! –A Train Drunk preppy businessman: Just tell her to put the oil in the noodles and rub it all over the chest… –33rd & Broadway Overheard by: voluptuousgrl Drunk girl in the bathroom, picking up plastic bag from the garbage: Whose baby is this?!?! –Madison Square Garden Bathroom