Random guy, singing loudly: Leeeesbian seagull! –South Street Sea Port Overheard by: Ger-Man in New York Thug: Shit! I have to get my teacher a present. Its so hard. She’s like butch… You know what I’m saying? Shes got short hair and don’t wear earrings -like that chick [points to a woman who can obviously hear the conversation and looks affronted.] Yeah lady, you like the pussy! –F Train Drunk girl: You wanna know why I’m a lesbian? When I was crawling out of my mothers vagina I tasted that shit. And that shit was good. I just had to keep going back for more. –Odessa’s, Ave A Overheard by: Dannia Alfonso Hardcore lesbian tourist #1 to hardcore lesbian tourist #2: Hey! Beaver Street! Let’s eat down there. –Beaver St , Hanover Square Overheard by: WallStGuy Black teen punk girl, arguing with boyfriend: No, I’m gonna go become a lesbian now. Big. Huge. Les. Bo. –V Train Overheard by: Jon A. Buff guy: But now they’ll know I’m a lesbian. –Christopher & Bleecker Overheard by: Colleen