Old queer: You won’t believe your eyes in Plainfield. There’s not one heterosexual in Plainfield. –75th & Columbus Amazed nerd teen: They did this study on women who are ovulating, and even in gay bars when they’re ovulating they get way more dick. –S’nice Coffee Bar, 14th St & 8th Ave Big black girl: So being gay, when a straight person says, "You can stay over with me, but I’m not inviting you to touch me…" No, girl! You *are* inviting me to touch you. –C Train Overheard by: Lemuel Random guy in stall next me: It’s a cluster fuck… Out there, not here, you don’t think I’m gay, do you? –JFK Bathroom Guy with to few friends: I’m the most homophobic gay man ever. –Staten Island Perkins Diner IT manager: Do you know how long ago 1984 was? I was straight! –915 Broadway, Manhattan Overheard by: Sarah