Homeless man, to toddler: Can I get a high-five?
[Toddler high-fives homeless man.]
Homeless man: Can I get a dollar? –D Train Overheard by: sara Shivering bum: Yo, can you guys help me out? Otherwise I’m gonna sing a song and I don’t wanna hurt your ears. –N 7th & Bedford Black homeless man: Excuse me… Can anyone help a broke nigga get his eat on? –6 Train Bum: Dollar for your favorite bum? –Lafayette & E. 4th St Bum, approaching another bum standing in the only two square feet of sunlit space for many blocks: Yeahh! You found the spot! –Financial District Overheard by: nunya Homeless man: Hello, everyone. My name is Mike*, and I’m homeless and starving. If you have any- [His cell phone rings.] Excuse me. [Picks up phone.] I’m working, man, what’s up? –Q Train