Boy, to uninterested girl: You gotta date me! What you mean you only date 25-year-olds? Do you know what 25-year-old guys do?? They masturbate. All the time. It’s true -my dad told me. –Fordham Road Subway Station Overheard by: …as opposed to guys of all other ages?? Girl on cell: They keep doing it, and it’s ridiculous. I mean, they should just whack it off in the bathroom like everybody else does. –Auditions, 35th & 8th Chick on cell: What’s wrong with jerking off in the baggage claim at the start of a three day weekend? –Columbia University Overheard by: Wild Dog Boy Surly stocker to fellow coworker: If they keep calling me upstairs, I am not going to have time to eat, or masturbate, or anything! –Duane Reade, 58th & 8th Overheard by: I’m busy too Boy on cell: I’ve never gone all the way with anyone -you know? [Pause.] … I’m just enjoying myself. –Broadway , Near Columbia University Overheard by: julie