Drunk girl to friends: Wait! Wait, bitches, shut up! This is important!
[Drunk friends turn to her.]
Drunk girl: I totally just threw up all over my own feet!
Drunk guy: That’s fucking hot! –Brother Jimmy’s Bait Shack, 92nd & 3rd Overheard by: rebecca Headline by: Adam Runners-Up:
· “1 Girl, 2 Manolos” – Allyson L.
· “And I Can’t Wait for Volume II Of “Girls Gone Ipecac”” – NotoriousAR
· “How Paris Found Her Catch-Phrase” – Janet
· “If By “Hot” You Mean the Temperature Of My Vomit, Then Yes, It Is Rather Hot.” – CL
· “It’s Because She Vomits Lava.” – Sean McGurr
· “Matchmaker: Remember, Girls. Chunks Turn on Hunks.” – NewFaceOfEvil
· “Usually I Have to Pay Extra for That” – As do I
· “When Fetishes Collide” – Jon
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