Preppy girl: I really loved that movie. I thought it was titillating… And not just because there was cock and balls. I don’t care about that. –Third Avenue Guy to self: Brokeback mountain… Starring Hillary Clinton! –Herald Square Subway Station Overheard by: Worst Movie Ever Doofette: I mean like I know it got the Oscar and all, but I thought "No Country for Old Men" was pretty boring. I have to admit though the choreography was amazing. –SoHo Thug, peddling pile of DVDs: Ghetto Blockbuster! I am your ghetto Blockbuster! I got movies, CDs, porno. [Another group of customers walks in.] I got that action, comedy, romance and I got that pussy! I am your friendly neighborhood ghetto Blockbuster. –24 Hour McDonalds, Water & Moore Overheard by: BigKahuna&BigRed Creepy hipster: You’d think you can’t have sex to "Silence of the Lambs"… –Huron St, Greenpoint Overheard by: sweetchuck Dude on cell: If you like murder, you’re gonna love this movie! –48 Bus