Bleach-blonde: I would totally vote for McCain if Miley Cyrus were his running mate. –Columbia University Overheard by: Democrat Woman: Oh, I am definitely a single-issue voter. And right now, that issue is: Which one of the candidates can get me to a bathroom soonest? –7th Avenue, Park Slope Overheard by: Chuckell Drunk hobo to a group of pigeons: And they’re all Democrats. Can’t trust them Democrats. –Washington Square Park Young African American woman speaking animatedly on cell: … Vice president? Why should I run for Vice President, I’m doing better than you, bitch! "Dream ticket!" That’s why I hate white liberals. They don’t know when they’re fucked up. Republicans don’t give a shit about you, but they know it. –124th St, Harlem Drunk wheelbo, shouting across the entire ferry terminal: Hillary, Hillary, she’s our man! If she can’t do it, no one can! –Whitehall Ferry Terminal Lady on cell: When you done turn Governor, you can’t play dat shit… –Associated Supermarket, Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn Overheard by: PdQ