Teen dude: You just can’t be tall and survive on a mountain! –Halloween Adventure, 11th St & 4th Ave Overheard by: da sarkastik ninja. Teenage boy: Girls are so lucky… They can feel themselves up whenever they want. –LIRR High school girl: I said to her: "What they call you?" … And she said, "TND". And I said, "’TND’?, What’s ‘TND’"? And she said "Top Notch Diva". [Howls with laughter.] She said "Top notch". Nobody say "Top notch"… That was like, last summer… Top notch… [laughs and snickers] and then she say: "What they call you?" and I said "BB"… "Betta bills". [Howls with laughter.] –#1 Train Teen boy, with a sigh: Sometimes the world just isn’t as shiny as you want it to be. –42nd St Teenager to Mexican friend: Don’t make me call immigration on you. –Q train, to 57th st Overheard by: LoRna Teen: I like the beginning part of the Dido song "Thank you", you know, the depressing part, because I can relate to it. Well, aside from the parts about missing the bus because I have a car and paying bills because my parents do that for me. –Union Square Overheard by: UCB