Guy to male friend: We believe that the better you look, the more spiritual you are. –1st St & 5th Ave., Brooklyn Overheard by: PrairieSquid Man collecting money for the homeless: Come on guys, I’m way too pretty to be homeless. –Union Square Overheard by: Dara Middle-aged African American male, with a blue NY Giants baseball cap on, and a fur coat: I’m pretty… I’m pretty… I’m pretty –59th St Subway Station Overheard by: nickporjr Bum: Hey pretty! Hey pretty!
[Pretty girl coughs violently and sneezes at the same time.]
Bum: Feel better, pretty. –6th St & 7th Ave, Park Slope Middle-aged, Chelsea-fit white guy on iPhone: Well, neither you nor any of your sisters were the beauty that I was… –21st St & 8th Ave Overheard by: Sean Middle-aged man: You know who was good-looking? Stalin, when he was younger. He was so dashing! –104th & West End Overheard by: communist!