20-something woman to friends: I mean they said they’d pay me $20 for it. I would show them one for $20, why not? One boob for $20? I mean, maybe they thought it was a big deal since we were at work. –N Train Platform, 34th St Station Overheard by: Regina [Two young woman crossing the street. One turns to the the other and grabs her breast.]
Grabber girl: Honk!
[Both giggle and cross street into Victoria’s Secret.] –34th & Broadway Overheard by: Chockita Female boss to employee in low-cut shirt: Your boobs are awesome. But -I’m just gonna have to do this. [Pulls up employee’s neckline.] Because…I just wanna dive in there. Head-first. –Theater, St Marks Place Overheard by: fhqwhgads Professor: So you see, men only like women’s boobs because of cleavage. –Bard High School Early College Tourist girls: [In unison from the door] Booooobies! [Run to the big naked lady sculpture and poses to take a picture]. –Columbus Circle Teen girl to friend: Julia! Put your titties away! –14th & 6th Bored, drunken guy in a silent train cart: So does anyone wanna show their titties? –NJ Transit Overheard by: Not drunk enough to flash