30-something woman to female friend: I’m so happy to see you! I haven’t had sex in a couple of months, except for a few straight girls. –Carroll Gardens Smoking chick on cell: I haven’t had sex yet either…I’ll let you know. –1020 bar, 110th & Amsterdam Overheard by: Ladle Nilla wafer-eating chick: I don’t even understand why people have sex anymore! –Columbia University Guy yelling at a woman: Lady! Stop asking, I’m not having sex with you! –34th & 6th Guy on cell: Oh my god, do I need to say it? Fine! I promise I won’t try to put my penis in you. Okay? –Avenue C Overheard by: lingling Guy on cell: That’s the thing about sex, it’s all in your head anyway. –Union Square West Overheard by: brita bit