Hot chick dragging male companion: But you’ll like it this time, you were drunk yesterday… –19th & 8th Disheveled homeless woman: Fuck that shit! I’m looking for a real drunk! –42nd & 9th Overheard by: Mike Man on bike, swerving down street: Look out, get out of the way! Drunk driver coming through! –Washington Square East and Washington Place Overheard by: Out of the way! Appreciative preppy girl: Even though he’s a thug and a drunk, he’s a real intellectual. –Art Fair at the Armory Overheard by: Gina Beavers Drunk guy about to chug: This reminds me of middle school. Got to get the 40 down before second period! –Stan’s, Bronx Young woman on cell: No, I do not need to get drunk more often, stop saying that mom! –Union Square Overheard by: McCrum