Dancer girl: I dunno, I mean, like, I wish they made a size like, triple zero, so I would have something to look forward to, y’know? –Central Park Man: Yeah, that’s how you gain weight: a backed-up colon. I cleaned mine out this weekend. –B54 Bus Overheard by: Alma Molato Old woman, very loudly, in the middle of the movie: Boy, is she skinny! –Movie theater, 86th Street b/w 2nd & 3rd Overheard by: The New York Crank Girl on cell: If bitch can’t afford to buy her own groceries, she can just get skinny! –Green Village Used Clothing, Bushwick Anorexic fashionista: Any self-respecting anorexic knows that! –Lincoln Center, 62nd & 9th Man on cell: You went to a party last night? Well, that means you have to do three hours tomorrow. And I want you to drink lots of water, but none of that crystal light crap. That is seven calories that you do not need. –Blockbuster, Broadway