Frat boy on cell: Next time this happens, just grab him by the penis and drag him into bed. –Grand Central Frat boy: I mean, STDs are nothing to worry about. There are more Pokemon than there are STDs! –Bryant Park Overheard by: Pikachu Enthusiastic frat boy: Sure, sure, but back in history when there were no diseases… –57th Street & 8th Overheard by: Rose Fox Frat boy on cell: If I were him, I’d tell her to get her boobs put in too, as long as she’s already under. –Mercer & 8th Incensed frat-type dude on cell: Dude! I didn’t fingerbang your sister in Tijuana! I’m not a snake like that. I fingerbanged her in Cancun, so it was on American soil… And you were in the next bed. Tell me you don’t remember any of this?! –NR Train