Eight-year-old boy to another: You usta play dirty house with her! –E 9th St & Ave A Overheard by: Fred Daubert Visibly annoyed ghetto-fab young lady, while loudly cracking her gum: They too many nationalities on this bus and most of them don’t be clean. –57th St Bus Overheard by: tinyfoo Chick, looking at rat sipping from puddle: Eeeww, how can he drink that? It’s so dirty! –6 Platform, Grand Central Guy on escalator, to friend: … Dirty sandwich… –E Train Overheard by: M_C Male student: Either you’re a dirty, stinking hippie, or you’re pretentious. –Bard High School Early College Library Thuggish hobo: Please! Somebody talk dirty to me! –Washington Square Park