Bimbette: So yesterday he called me to tell me that he’s going to beat my ass, and then he calls me today to ask if he can use my CD player. –Staten Island Mall Overheard by: Robert Seven-year-old girl: She better watch herself before I pimp slap her. –Amsterdam Projects Girl, to rest of her punk skater group: But I be like: "Bitch, I don’t skate… I just beat bitches with it." –Astor Place & Broadway Overheard by: Jynx Lady on cell: Is someone else going to smack you? –1 Train Overheard by: Krisztina Man on cell: What… You flubbed what? Listen dude, I’m in midtown, but it’s too far a cab ride to come beat a grown man’s ass. –W Hotel, 49th & Lex Overheard by: Miami Hitman Bus driver to angry man: You want a piece of this? There are 26 places on the body that can kill you instantly. I can hit 4 in one shot. You wanna dance?! –M16 Bus Overheard by: nora!