Little girl: Mommy, it’s snowing in my eyes! –Park Slope Overheard by: blistexaddict Elderly Hispanic woman wading through snow: Skoosh! Shoosh! Skoosh! Wee! Skoosh! –28th & Park Overheard by: Adam Nathan Bus conductor in droning, somber voice: Ladies and gentlemen, due to inclement weather, the express trains are temporarily discontinued. [Suddenly sounding bright and chipper.] In other words, it’s cold outside, folks! So if you think you can just wait for the local, you wrong! So all y’all just get out the way o’ my doors and let’s go! –4 Train Drunk blonde: Omigod, is it like raining? There’s like water falling from the sky outside. –LIRR Girl on cell, on first nice day of spring: This weather just makes me want to drink…I have been sitting outside for ten minutes and all of a sudden I can’t get booze off my mind. –72nd & Columbus Pilot: Welcome on board flight number [mumble]… We have a 45 minute flight to Ithaca, New York, where the weather is [dramatic pause] fucking awful! Why you guys going there? –LaGuardia Airport