Worried suit: Oh, good. I was hoping you would call. Uh yes…I’ve had bloody stool twice in the past two weeks… Yes, the blood is around it…I don’t know. What do you advise? –McGraw-Hill Building, Rockefeller Center Overheard by: HELP! I’m in the cube across from him Woman to male companion: I don’t give a shit about no fucking white people, they can suck my bloody pussy. My shit is all bloody and nasty, but I changed my drawers and shit. At least I don’t just rinse it out and hang it in front of a fan… –G Train One-eyed Armenian worker, pointing to sample bottle of Vampire wine: Would you like a taste of this wine? It’s half blood, but only the blood of pretty girls, I only drink pretty girls. –Liquor Store, 10th St & 2nd Ave MTA cop to blood drive employee: You want blood? I’ll give you blood. Just not from my arm, if you know what I mean. –Penn Station Bro: If it looks like blood, it coagulates like blood. –6 Train Girl on cell: How was Vicky’s sweet 16? [couple of seconds later] Was the blood from your nose or your ass? –36th St & Broadway, Astoria Overheard by: Cody

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