Guy on phone: His dad’s, like, crazy, and he lives in a house all by himself, and the saddest thing is… the saddest thing is this guy’s dad is even uglier than our dad! –Waverly Place b/w Mercer & Greene Woman: Don’t even think about humping your father’s feet! –President & Columbia [Before the start of the NYC pillow fight.]
Pillow-fighter: I’m gonna beat you all down like you were my daddy! [Hits people with his pillow.] Why weren’t you there, dad, why!? –Union Square Guy on cell: Hey dude, my flight has been delayed like an hour, yeah it does suck… [Pause.] Dude, from this point on I’m calling you "daddy". No: "big daddy". Yeah, hey big daddy… –US Airways Terminal, Laguardia Airport Little girl pointing at a grizzly bear: Daddy! Daddy! –Museum of Natural History