Hobo, to commuters: I’m hungry, homeless, and unemployed. I’m selling these candies for $0.25 so I can buy a meal. You’re all going to die, and you can’t take it with you, so give it to me! –Shuttle to Times Square Overheard by: Wondering why he couldn’t just eat the candy…? Girl: So she was like: "Why can’t we have a candy corn background?" and I was like "Because you’re an idiot!" –Starbucks, 34th St Overweight yet stylish gay man: She had a hunger deep inside her that only a Snickers could quench. –M101 Bus Overheard by: Holla Back Girl Mother to young son: You can get something, but I don’t want you to pick out no fucking twenty dollar candy. You ain’t been that good. –Hershey World, Times Square Overheard by: esgeness Professor to student: I found out what they put in their brownies, I plan to use it against them! –101st & Broadway Group of high school girls to Mister Softee ice cream truck driver: Hey ice cream man! Ice cream man! Give us some ice cream! We’ll suck you off! –Beverley & Ocean Parkway Overheard by: A Radiant Sulk Ninja