Drunk-looking girl on cell: … And I just received a postcard of butts! Things are looking up! –Port Authority Overheard by: Ladle Angry soccer mom: Whoever has his or her hand on my ass, you better be one of my kids. –Staten Island Ferry Chick on cell: Ew! Ass striations? –1 Train Overheard by: Ladle College girl: I slept at Steve’s dorm. Needless to say, my ass cleared every surface he had in that room. Twice. –Downtown B Train Overheard by: Pola Tall guy on cell: Listen, if you want a white woman to show you her ass all you gotta do is pull out a camera. They drop their panties in a second, at least that’s what I tell the committee. –Starbucks, Columbus Circle Conductor over loudspeaker: Aaaand next stop… Yo’ mama’s ass! –F Train from Queens Overheard by: Tina K