Young man in small crowd: Honestly, the vaginas I’ve seen in real life are nowhere near as bad as the vaginas I’ve seen in med school. –86th & Columbus Overheard by: Stacey Girl: I feel like the male anatomy is so much more straightforward. The vag is hard to master. –Fordham University 20-something girl: If he’s gonna be such a whiny vagina about you being safe about your vagina, then you shouldn’t be sleeping with him anyways. –NYU Dorm Teenage boy, eating a sandwich: He said no mayonnaise. It tastes like a big vagina. –63rd Drive & Queens Boulevard Hobo: And then the woman just sucked it all into her vagina. –44th & 7th Overheard by: The One Frantic Asian guy, running across the street in front of Worldwide Plaza: Yeah… Yeah… But whose vagina?" –9th Ave & 50th St Overheard by: tinyfoo