Hipster: It just sucks having to change the sheets every day. –54th & Broadway Overheard by: J-Dawg Man coming out of bathroom: Rhetorical question: do you wash your hands before or after pissing? –Columbia Bathroom Old man on cell: You tell her I don’t want her using that same toilet brush. I want her to use a new one for my place. –34 Ave, Astoria Overheard by: truly confused Tranny to another: And I told him if he wanted to shove that shit up my pussy, he better wash it real good first! –2nd St b/w 1st & 2nd Aves Guy on cell: It still stinks? Did you try washing it? Oh. How about using a nail brush? You did? Well, how much skin did you lose? –C Train Overheard by: Davis Baker Angry thug on cell: I ain’t washin’ shit! –Broadway & Great Jones Overheard by: Jon A.