Aloof teen: So, other than getting robbed and coming back pregnant, how was it? –27th & 6th Overheard by: Seamus Diddy Female cashier, looking over cover of Star magazine: Girl, Angelina is having twins?! I tell you what, that girl needs to get her some birth control pills -and you know why? Because she hot and if I was Brad Pitt I would keep knockin’ her up too. –86th & 1st Girl on cell: Ugh! I can’t believe she’s pregnant again! That makes futon baby number two! –Forever 21, Union Square Girl checking SMS, to friends: Oh shit…[Reads.] "Happy non mother’s day, pass this on to all your girlfriends and women you know who survived another year of not getting pregnant." –Toys R Us Times Square Overheard by: Non Father Guy, chasing after pregnant woman in the fruit section: It’s not a boy? I swore you told me it was a boy! Honey! Come back! –Whole Foods, Bowery Overheard by: office peon