Store clerk lady to man leaning on shelf: Sir, you cannot do that… You are gettin’ too comfortable in this store. –Grocery Store Sales clerk to woman with a pug wearing a sweater and booties: That is so gangsta! –Soho Overheard by: Lara Apathetic server to customer: Do I look like I am happy at all? –Starbucks, Manhattan Mall Young female customer service rep to another: I’m not sayin’…, I’m just sayin’…, you know what I’m sayin’. –Macy’s Customer Service Overheard by: Richard Downey Daffy’s employee to lady trying on shoes: Do they fit? [Before customer can respond.] I don’t even know why I’m askin’ you. You a customer. I don’t even care. –Daffy’s, Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn Overheard by: Crystal Dickinson