Girl looking at garbage and dirt spilled on the sidewalk: Gross. You think it’s supposed to be art? –Broadway & Houston Literature professor: So anything that anybody ever painted was a Guido? –NYU Silver Center Plausibly mad septuagenarian clerk: When I was 16 Stravinsky bought my first painting. It was written up in the paper. A couple of days later, I was kidnapped. –Barnes & Noble, Lincoln Center Overheard by: Seth Father to four-year-old son: Looking at art makes your legs tired. –Metropolitan Museum Lobby Philistine: I don’t like art in which you have to understand the motivation behind it. –Outside the Guggenheim Overheard by: Devoted Puppy Professor-type man to group of teens looking at Greek sculptures: And if the sculpture’s back is up against the wall and you want to see it from behind, just get up against a wall and look at its ass as much as you can… yeah! It’s not dirty or wrong… Just look at its ass! –Metropolitan Museum of Art