Guy to friends: They broke up… He was only in the relationship for the free Nike gear anyway. –Stone St. Overheard by: Jen Hipster dude: So Jane* is coming to the studio tonight to do some recording. Should I have her do it and then break up with her, or break up with her first and then have her do it? –F Train Overheard by: dianora 13-year-old girl on cell: What? You broke up with him? That’s so cruel! Um, can I date him? –Thompson Street, The Village Excited teen girl: This would be a great place to break up with some people! –8th St Park Girl on cell: They broke up? I always thought that them breaking up was like a joke, like saying you don’t like Brussels sprouts when you secretly do, but you just say it because it’s the first yucky vegetable that comes to your mind. But hey, that’s great! –Outside the Frick Museum Overheard by: A. Pincus Guy, yelling from third story fire escape: Sarah! Sarah Whitlock! Don’t leave me! She meant nothing to me! Come back… Please! (pause) Okay, but I’m keeping the deposit! –E 4th Street Overheard by: Nima Shirazi