English teacher: Alright class, let us come together and share our lists of literary terms. (pause) Just so we’re clear, "Lolcat" is not a literary term. –Stuyvesant High School Math teacher: Does everyone get why I can just get rid of the 8 in this equation? Because I’m just looking for an answer. (takes a deep sigh) …Aren’t we all? –Hunter College High School Math teacher: We might start this unit tomorrow–maybe not. Depends on how my jury duty goes. I just need to keep convincing them that I have no faith in the criminal justice system. –Hunter College High School Teacher: No excuses, we do not climb the walls! –PS 234 Overheard by: sjhaughty English teacher: It was the year after they invented college and I was in college… –Brooklyn Tech Overheard by: Julie English teacher: I love going to the supermarket because I love scaring little kids. I’ll be like: "Hellooo little boy," and he’ll run away screaming. Ah, I love shopping. –Brooklyn Tech Overheard by: Julie