Guy: And I was thinking how lucky I was not to have had a bris. That guy had like eight of them! –Thai Restaurant Overheard by: sara swank Girl: Wait, are you circumcised? In the penis? –Wicked Monk, 86th St & 5th Ave Overheard by: christine Beautiful Latina: But my dad getting circumcised at 57 wasn’t even the funniest thing! –Dallas BBQ, Upper West Side Overheard by: Ladle Teen on cell: So, they were going to uncircumcise it? –Flatbush Ave & 7th Ave, Brooklyn Teen girl: Oh my god, my circumcised hot dog! –The Summit School Overheard by: Michael CVS employee on cell: Yo, that nigga be gangsta son, he be gangsta. That nigga be circumcised, he all "what?" that nigga fall down, he be "waah, waah" then be be right back up playing an shit. Yeah, that nigga’s gangsta. –CVS, 30th Ave, Astoria Overheard by: Robyn