Blonde on cell: So it was either an ambulance or a taqueria. –Times Square Girl on cell: What? What!? Go to the hospital. Go to the hospital! Please. Why? Because when you get stabbed you go to the hospital, you don’t go and lay down. –Jersey Transit Thug, in a rush: Look, I don’t give a fuck! I just want Medicaid! –13th & 3rd Disgruntled male gynecologist: We’re the bastard stepchildren of the surgery world. General surgeons barely think we’re human. "Oh, don’t get up, it’s just a gynecologist." I could have been a general surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a dentist, a lawyer… I’d be making more money, too. My brother’s cat needed a caesarian section and the vet got paid more than I get paid to do a caesarian section! –Gynecology Office, 32nd & Madison Overheard by: Rose Fox Girl on cell: I told you I was sick and needed to go to the doctor’s! I can’t even swallow! I tried food, water and liquids! –Penn Station Overheard by: Ross Chick in scrubs (lighting cigarette) to friend in scrubs: My heart rate won’t go down! –113th & Amsterdam Overheard by: McFreaky