Ghetto chick to friend: Remember when you took that chinchilla from me, back in the day? –Q Train Overheard by: Chloe Grungy dude on cell: So I jumped on my horse and got the fuck outta there. –14th & 6th Overheard by: bildita Guy: …and those Egyptians had crocodiles. Those crocodiles that shoot lasers out of their eyes. –Metropolitian Musuem of Art Overheard by: Bonkers in Yonkers Hipster chick: Deer antlers. Everywhere I go, all I see are deer antlers. I’m getting sick of it. –14th St & 1st Av Overheard by: Larry Thug: I’m like super pimp. I pimp men and women… And cats and dogs. Shit, I got the whole animal kingdom. –10th & Broadway Composed chick on cell: He’s a giraffe, and I’m a leopard, and I’m never gonna be a giraffe. I’ve tried and tried, but my destiny is as a leopard, you see? I can fake being a giraffe for awhile, but eventually I’m gonna have to rip his throat out and feed on his entrails. It’s in my nature. The only alternative is divorce. –Billiard Hall, Elizabeth & Bowery