20-something woman to friend: Man, can I just tell you how absolutely bizarre coffee shop conversations are in this area?! I am never ever getting married if this is the sort of stuff married women talk about all day. –Smith & Bergan Overheard by: Mako Shark 30-something to older woman: I can’t get married yet! I haven’t experienced even… half of the women in the world yet! –86th & Broadway Overheard by: Carol Tween boy getting into the face of another tween boy: (loudly) I’ll be your fucking wife! –Morgan’s Market Overheard by: Akiko Little boy: We saw a peanut marrying a princess! –Penn Station Overheard by: blue Girl to friends: I think my husband’s gonna divorce me now that gay marriage is legal. –N10th & Bedford Ave, Williamsburg Overheard by: Non Hipster Woman in a wedding dress and veil, on cell: Yeah, I got kicked out. –Penn Station