Suit on cell: So what does he think, he’s going to, like, eat scrambled eggs with these people and then they’ll sit down and talk about it? –Shore Road, Brooklyn Yankee fan: So, we was talkin’ to him and we was all like: "Let’s go to a bar!" And he was all like: "I like poetry" so the guys pretty much ditched him, so I was left with ‘im, and had to talk about his feelings and shit. It sucked. –Yankee Stadium Overheard by: I like poetry. Religious flier nut to friend: We can’t talk about that out here because then they’ll know what we’re about. –Delancey and Ludlow Overheard by: Adrienne Student (shouting): Okay, everyone: I’m doing this whole "day of silence" business so none of you better talk to me! I’m not supposed to say anything and I will be so pissed if anyone of you trick me into talking! –Millennium High School Overheard by: I’m staying silent… Hysterical teenage girl on bus: Well, maybe you should have talked about it before you conceived me! –M34 Bus Overheard by: nina Curly-haired chick on cell: I’m glad I can talk to you about my pubes with such ease. –Harlem Overheard by: Nipples McFreaky