Bus driver: Next stop… Moheegan Sun–I mean 5th Avenue. –Crosstown 86th Bus Chinatown bus driver: Does anyone know how to get to Chinatown? –Chinatown Bus Bus driver: Utopia, transfer to the… Hmmm, the Q, the Q, the Q tres y uno. For all you Americans that’s the Q31. –Q46 Bus Bus driver as bus approaches 7th Ave: Next stop is 8th ave… or Broadway… or whatever street this is. –M27 Bus Overheard by: JoBell Bus driver: Can you people please move back? It’s really crowded on here, you might find your future wife or something. –48 Bus, Staten Island Overheard by: Patricia! Cranky bus driver on extremely crowded bus: This is Central Park West, get off. I mean, have a nice day! –M86 Bus Overheard by: Cori