Little boy singing to mother: E is for druggies! –R Train Overheard by: Allegra Crazy hobo: Take the V train! V is for vasectomy. Why take the crowded E train where all the lesbians will crush you? –V Train Platform Overheard by: Tom Conductor: This is 14th Street. Transfer here for the L as in "lower level of hell". –F Train Overheard by: So True Little boy playing with chopsticks: Look mom! (forms a V) V for Victoria! (forms an X) X for xylophone! (forms a T) and T for terrorist! –Japanese Restaurant, 3rd & 25th Conductor over loudspeaker: I know it’s Saturday afternoon and all you people are mad confused because the trains are all messed up on weekends, so listen up: The W as in "Will you marry me?" will be running on the Q as in "cookie" line. And the R as in (goes in operatic singing voice) "rooooooooooomeooooooooooo" will be running normally for the rest of the weekend. Alright y’all… There you go. Enjoy your Saturday! –Canal Street Subway Station Overheard by: stfo

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