Suit on cell, running: Oh shit! Oh shit! I told you! The monks are after me! –Central Park Overheard by: walking with bagel Midtown suit: I’m the fucking Vice President. I shouldn’t have to crawl under my desk four times a day. –Passing MSG Overheard by: coasts Suit on cell: I don’t really know… No, I definitely don’t remember his name. I was kind of drunk. –48th & Lex Suit: Well, they had voices then. –Outside Sardi’s Overheard by: Duncan Pflaster Suit on cell: No, I told you to sell, sell, sell! This is important! Listen to me! Wait! Hold on, I have someone important on the other line. (takes out some chapstick, takes his time to smear his lips with it, then gets back to phone) So, where was I..? –N Train, Queens Overheard by: Zazaplaza