Suit on cell: I swear, I’m going to make her the sorriest crippled girl in New York. –Avenue C Hipster on iPhone: Hello? I’m sorry. I can’t hear you–I have an iPhone. –6th & 27th Hipster girl to out-of-town friend: Sorry about the smell, this area just recently gentrified. –Orchard Street b/w Broome & Grand Loud, drunk, British girl to boyfriend: We don’t know each other’s minds -we can’t read each other’s minds! So when you do something I don’t like and I tell you and then later you do something I don’t like and I tell you again… Well that’s two sorries in one day! And "sorry" is just a word, but you’re learning about me! About my mind. –Broadway & Waverly Overheard by: rpk Woman on cell: Oh sorry, I have to go. Remember that woman that got pregnant by a bear? Yeah, I just ran into her. –Astor Place Dominican to friend: And just wait until I tell them all he’s Dominican… he’ll really be sorry then! –5th Ave, near Empire State Building Overheard by: Rich Mintz