Ex-girlfriend about ex-boyfriend: I mean, he’s not exactly the kind of person to say: "I hear there’s a really great documentary about genocide playing at the film forum." –Café near NYU Overheard by: robin Chick with Super-8 to random stranger: Excuse me, would you mind being the pickpocket in our silent film? –The Montauk Club Overheard by: torchwood lesbian Man on phone: I wanna watch it in June so I can watch it stoned… Watching Harold and Kumar not stoned is like eating bread without butter! –Train to Grand Central Girl: Indiana Jones is what type of movie? Is it a life movie? –43rd Street and 8th Ave Overheard by: Ferris Girl to friend: Did you get it? There were like a lot of metaphors in that movie, like label versus no label. –Chelsea Clearview Cinema, after Midnight Showing of the Sex & The City Movie Girl to boyfriend: If I don’t like movies about belts, am I going to like this movie? –Smith & Wyckoff, Brooklyn