Woman to another: Eat the penis, Danielle, eat the penis. –New Jersey Transit train out of Penn Station Overheard by: Tootles McGee Black guy: Yo! Where my penis at? –Bergenline Bus Overheard by: Don’t know how he lost it to begin with Guy with big dog to girlfriend: Is my cock straight? –12th & 7th Ave Overheard by: Amanda Five-year-old son to father helping him ride a bicycle, seeing wooden posts out of the water: Daddy, is that a huge penis? –South Seaport Female suit: Their penises don’t care! –Times Square Hobo: I’m the unluckiest son of a bitch I know! If it were raining vaginas, I’d get hit in the head with a penis. –5th Ave Girl on cell: That’s good… Did you like the peen? The peen? Did you like the penis, mother? The penis? Oh good, I though you would. –9th & Prospect Park Overheard by: Other Side of the Fence