Flamboyantly gay guy to gay friends: Why do I have to be the queen? Why can’t I just be regular?! –Christopher Street Overheard by: JMcheer Queer to another: I just want to bury my face in his ass! –67th & Park Ave Gay guy on cell: Oooh! I love playing straight! –1st Ave, East Village Overheard by: B Stressed gay worker: They always skip over my lunch break. Everyone else gets their lunch breaks but they always skip over mine. Ugh. Guys, I’m gonna take my 15 minutes. I’m taking my 15 minutes. I close tonight… Ugh, this is not the road to success! (storms off) –H&M Store Overheard by: nyu kid Queer to boyfriend: You know Romy and Michelle? I love that movie… That movie made me gay. –Restaurant, 19th & 8th Overheard by: batou187 Queer on cell: I know… I know! Gosh, that is sooo gay!
(bewildered elderly lady looks at him)
Queer to elderly lady (in shrieking voice): Oh my god, oh my god, the faggot said gay! –Central Park