Man on cell: Do you have any (quieter and mumbled) bagms? (pause, more intense) Do you have any (mumbled)? (one word at a time) Weed! Weed! Do you have any weeeed? (pause) No? Nothing? Well you're not much of a drug dealer then, are you? –77th St & 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Overheard by: fet Hipster: …becoming a teacher and then getting arrested for marijuana possession in South Korea. –L Train Overheard by: paola Boy running by: They're playing frisbee! I have to roll a joint! –Pratt Institute Teenage girl to guy with long hair and long beard in a tie-dye shirt: You look like you could be some kind of famous stoner. –L Train Mother to seven-year-old son (angrily): Don't you ever tell anyone else at school that I smoke marijuana! I'll go to jail and you'll be dead! (suddenly calm) It is, however, something I personally believe people should have a right to do. –M102 Bus