Teenage hipster to friend: Oh look, it's the Hannah Montana lip gloss I stole from a little kid! –Uptown F Train Overheard by: Joy Big thug: Hey man, I'm not gonna even lie: selling candy on the train keeps me from robbing and stealing from most of ya on the train today… Hook a nigga up! –2 Train Overheard by: Cashiem Evans (da mad blogger) Schoolgirl dressing down another: You took the whole backpack? Why didn't you just take what you needed to steal and leave the bag there? –DeKalb & Clermont, Clinton Hill Overheard by: Morning Glory Lady on cell: So you know what happened? He stole my deodorant, and you know what was under it? My hundred dollars! –Metro-North, 125th St Station Overheard by: That must be some expensive deodorant Woman yelling into cell: Don't rob them, they're Danish! –Times Square Overheard by: Tina