Mini-skirt on cell: Just because I had sex with you doesn't mean I gave you my phone number! –52nd & Lexington Brunette with a booty on her cell: You're going to be a whore this summer. (quick pause) Can you start by coming out here and whoring yourself?! –Penn Station Hot brunette on cell: Ohmigod. How does he do those backflips? He's like 6 feet tall and super built. He probably gets so much ass. Whatever, I would totally be his groupie. –Midtown East Overheard by: damn i'd be his groupie too Bouncer to bouncer: The bible does say "Be fruitful and multiply." It doesn't say "with one person." –West Village Overheard by: Bible Fan Chick: I'm not a whore, but I am not gonna miss out on a chance to fuck that bitch's boyfriend. Plus, she owes me like 30 bucks. –L Train Overheard by: Kelly