Girl on cell (reading US Weekly): Hey, Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee were photographed together! That means there's still hope for me and that guy from the tattoo shop! –Brookyln Diner, Times Square Latina: What's with grandma keeping gettin' tattoos that show? –Uptown 1 Train Overheard by: Justin Case de Foodisbad Chick to another: The only thing he better get tattooed on his butt is my name! –Times Square Overheard by: Angela Guy to girlfriend: Does that guy over there have a picture of Kim Jong II tattooed on his shoulder? (pause) Or is that his kid? (pause) Cause that's fucked up! –Brighton Beach Overheard by: Not sure myself… Girl: So I hooked up with this guy who had a prison tattoo of an eagle ripping up the communist manifesto. I was like: "God bless America," y'know? –N train Overheard by: amen